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Care Guide


I (a.k.a. Cashmere) am a fine natural fiber. Contrary to popular belief I am not high maintenance, in fact, quite the opposite. If you follow these simple care instructions I should be able keep you cozy for years and years to come.

1. Let ME rest.

I want to be with you for years and years to come, so please let me rest for a couple of days between wears. You will not believe how much this helps to extend my lifetime.

2. Don't hang ME, just lay me down.

Do not hang me, overtime my own weight will stretch me out of shape. Instead, fold me and store me in a dresser or on a closet shelf.

3. Shave ME regularly.

Knits made from any natural fiber like me, can pill–a.k.a., form fuzz balls–in areas where friction occurs, such as under the arms, along the inside of the thighs, or where you carry your handbag. Pilling occurs most frequently when I am brand new; use a razor blade, lint tape or special device to keep me fuzz-free.

4. Don't wear and wash ME.

Assuming your day was free of stains, spills and sweating, you can wear me more than once before I require cleaning. Laundering is recommended after about three wears, but you can up that number if you're wearing me over a base layer, or if you air me out after each use.

    It is super important to remember that I DO NOT LIKE heat, it’s my kryptonite,  so  when you wash and dry me, avoid any form of heat or I will shrink. 

    5. Wash ME in cold water and use a mild detergent.

    Hand washing your cashmere items is always your best bet. To keep me fluffy, let me soak in cold water for about 20 minutes and then rinse me. My fibers are very sensitive, so regular detergent is too harsh for me; use two teaspoons of organic baby shampoo or a biodegradable wool wash instead.

    6. Lay ME flat.

    Be patient. I am at most delicate when my fibers are wet, so please give me extra love when wet and allow me to dry on my own. I can take a while to dry so be patient, and don't be tempted to put me in the dryer, direct heat or sunlight. No wringing; to gently press excess water, put me on a dry towel and carefully roll it up. Once the towel has absorbed as much of the moisture as possible, put me on another dry towel, re-shape me to my original size and lay me flat in a shady spot to dry.

    7. Time is the best fabric softener.

    Could I be more cozy? Mmm... yes– like good wine I improve with age. I will become softer over time: naturally, just like that. Adding fabric softener will likely have the opposite effect.

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