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Our products are inspired by the craft. Born out of the exploration of techniques and experimentation. 

Blanca, my grandmother, taught me how to knit when I was a kid. Ever since, knitting has always been present in my life. It took me more than ten years to finally gather the courage to leave my previous profession and dedicate my life to knitting, embarking on this great adventure. 

Blanca Linares Handmade Knitwear wants to preserve the craft of knitting. All items are designed and handmade in our Munich atelier. We use high-quality natural fibres, such as cashmere, merino,  pima-cotton from Peru , silk, and mohair; to name just a few. The love, passion and care that goes into our work is what makes it so special. 

As a result of our passion and exploration of the craft, our designs are unique. A blend of classic lines with added details that make each piece special. Quality being one of the core ethos of our brand, with the proper care our pieces will last you for years.  

Produced in Munich

Unique pieces, focused on quality, that are made to last. All our garments are manufactured in our Munich atelier.

Handmade knitwear

Carefully crafted stitches make for beautiful garments. Our production is entirely made using vintage hand-operated knitting machines. 

Made on Demand

We only produce what you order and only once you order it.

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